Spring is here and we’ll soon be fast rolling into the riding season.  Becky Seigar, of REGROUP Motorcycle Education, sent us the 2012 schedule for the Experienced Rider and Basic Rider courses.  They are offering 2 Experienced Rider Courses and 16 Basic Rider Courses in Topsham this year, and 25 Basic Rider Courses in Poland.

The Experienced Rider Courses are scheduled for Sundays in June.  If you have 5 years of riding experience and have never taken the ERC, this is a must do.  Many advanced riders have taken this course several times and learn more each time.  Experience, training, and practice is what keeps us safe out there.

REGROUP has their information on their website at www.regroupmotorcycleeducation.com. Details on the courses and the 2012 schedule can be found on their site.  If you’d like to take the ERC course this year, be sure to sign up right away as these courses can fill up.