Well, the original intention was to have this new site launched by the end of the year, then by the end of January.  Personal “interruptions” have delayed those targets along with some unexpected technical hurdles.

There has been a fair amount of progress in moving more current content from the old site to this one.  The DownEast Rally pages have been moved and we’ve even kept them updated with the help of the Rallymaster.

I have encountered some hurdles when I began to move the membership pages across.  There are a number of forms and some links to PayPal in the current site that are important in new and renewal membership processing.  So, when I looked at moving the old forms, it just didn’t seem clean and fitting with the new site.  The forms presented a hurdle that has taken a while.  I think I have a solution and am in the process of building and testing some new forms.

As far as a target for getting this launched, well I think I’ll defer that for later.  I’d like to say that the forms and other content will go in fairly quickly, but it will also take time to rebuild what is left.  At first, I thought that I could do a cut and paste of the content.  After looking at the current background code I knew I’d have to re-enter it all manually.  Otherwise, the nice new and clean site will have a real mess behind it.

So, there’s the update for those that are interested.  It will be exciting to get the new site up on our normal domain.  The hope is that it will be much easier to maintain and we could even have more folks that would be able to contribute and build pages.  Moreover, it will have a fresh look and will be much easier to navigate.

Keep watching for updates, be warm, and get those bikes ready to ride!