BMW Event

In case you missed the entry in the Riders of Southern Maine events calendar, RSM member Nik Rende is organizing an Airhead Beemers Bikes and Coffee for May 11th in Augusta.  This is a bit of a Ride to Eat because Nik promises coffee and donuts.  It’s a chance for fellow owners of BMW Airheads to gather to share stories, knowledge, and maybe a little wrenching.  Thanks, Nik!

When:  Sat, May 11, 9am – 1pm
Where:  139 Eight Rod Road Augusta Maine
“A Maine Airhead Beemers ride-in. No pressure, no events. Just an opportunity to Maine Airhead riders to ride and have some coffee and donuts. I have a garage and some tools but this isn’t a tech day because I know only enough to make thing worse. But if you need something fixed, you’re welcome to what I have. I promise to have a pot of coffee on and some donuts. And if your bike is air cooled but not horizontally opposed, that’s ok too!”

Submitted by: Nik Rende
rcngolf99 @