Minutes 2012 May 5

BMW Riders of Southern Maine, May 5, 2012 Meeting

Jim Salisbury, Club Vice President, brought the meeting to order at 09:32. The meeting was held at Cole Farm Restaurant in Gray, Maine.
OFFICERS’ Reports:
There was no motion to accept the March or April minutes as they have not been posted.

Thirty-four (34) members were in attendance

Tim Sheehan, Club Treasurer, reported on the status of the clubs finances noting the the rally fund was up to as expected just prior to the rally. Secondly, the BMWRSM, thank you Tim has filed their federal tax return for the first time.

Dave Esklund, Rally Chair,

reported that 151 attendees are registered for our “Down East Rally. Dave passed around a volunteer sign up form during this meeting. Anyone still not registered should go to the club website and register as soon as possible. www.bmwrsm.org/rally

Secondly, Dave showed a picture of a stainless steel mug to be given to each registered attendee of the rally. This is in place of the door prizes. Great idea Dave!

Third, Dave noted that we will not have delivery from Brackett’s this year so a truck owner or trailer owner will need to volunteer on Thursday morning prior to slice and dice at the rally site.

Jim Salisbury announced that loading of his new trailer of rally supplies, non-food items, will be Monday the 14th. Email Jim if you wish to help: theprez@bmwrsm.org.

Joe Saunder, identified a need for more motorcycle stuff is needed for “Joe’s Famous Swap Shop” at the rally. Translation: Joe has finally almost cleaned out his barn. Bring all valuable MC related (read very liberally) stuff and actually get money in return.

Jim informed the club that the Vermont, New Hampshire clubs and the Yankee Beemers are meeting May 12th at Curtis BBQ in Putney, VT. The rain date is May 26th. See the Curtis website for details; www.curtisbbq.com.

Jim noted that the speed trials being held in conjunction with the New England Side Car Rally in Limestone on the old Loring Air force Base will be on July 13. The sidecar rally is on July 13, 14 & 15. Cost is $10 a day at the gate.

Your current secretary notified the club of his pending move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA. The BMWRSM needs a volunteer to take the reins, or at least take notes at each meeting. Please step up and volunteer. It is one of the easier offices and you get to be a club director.


Ed Perry has volunteered to design a new club decal without the BMW roundel similar to the Vermont clubs. The membership voted for Ed to proceed.

Tom Gerkem notified the club that the State of Maine will be issuing a motorcycle map of rides again this year. Additionally, the state is looking for pictures of Maine motorcyclist dressed for riding is appropriate safety gear, read a helmet. For more information email Tom at: TomJGerkem@AOL.com.

Jim Salisbury passed out the 2012 RideMaine magazine and the new White Horse Press catalog for all not on distribution. See Jim if you want copies. Copies will be at the rally.

Joe Saunders, king of the 50/50, held the drawing and Jim Fiske took home prize.

A motion to adjourn was presented at 9:54 AM, a second was received and the meeting was adjourned by our Club President.
Did I mention we need a volunteer secretary?
See you all at the Rally!