Minutes 2012 October 6

BMWRSM Meeting minutes

October 6, 2012

With 25 members in attendance President Jim Salisbury brought the meeting to order for the October 6, 2012.

– Paul Emerson recently underwent emergency surgery for a hernia, a card was passed around for members to sign and wish him a speedy recovery.
– Jim passed out and has this year’s edition of The Maine Motorcycle Road Map featuring our own Don Kent (See Jim if you would like a copy).
– The current secretary can no longer fulfill the position because he has relocated to Nova Scotia for work.
– Vice President Brian Norton has also had a change in job responsibilities and can no longer attend Saturday meetings.
– In a related development, Jim noted he knows of several RT’s are up for sale, see him if interested.
– Jim also spoke about the 28 members from Maine who attended the Vermont Rally. The accommodations had been recently updated and despite a little rain, was a good rally.

The following positions are available for next year;

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Road boss
  • Safety officer
  • Door prize collector for next year’s rally

Coats for kids
The annual coats for kids and toy donation drop off will take place after the December meeting. As in the past years the side car contingency will leave Cole farms and proceed to the donation drop off in Portland.  Your donations help make this a successful event. Please help to make this another successful drive by bringing your new or used coats or new toys to the November or December meetings.

This month’s safety tip
From Howard Feller, replace your helmet shield; they degrade over time with scratches and fading replace that old shield, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Treasurer’s Report
Financial Report was read and approved.
Special thanks to the Rally chair and all volunteers.

New Business
Logo– the design is GREAT! It was said there is less art work than before and can be easily adapted to T-shirts and hats.

Club decal – Deb Dawson and Ed Perry presented the new design for approval. Two designs were presented and discussed. One design had a circular border the other had no border around the logo. Within the border was the clubs name across the top half. (Note the decal will be the same size as the previous decal and will be printed on reflective material). The design has the elements of the most recent design (light house, motorcycle) framed in a roundel. After some discussion the design with the border was chosen. It was also suggested contact information be included in design to help market the club. The clubs web address will also be included on the border at the bottom of the logo. The design was voted on and approved unanimously by the member’s.

Ed also reported the vendor he has been working with in Scarborough has given a price of $1.95 each for 500.  Should the club only want a quantity of 200 they would be $2.96 each.  A motion was made to spend $1000.00 to purchase 500 decals. (The vote was unanimous). There was also a comment after the vote was taken “we did more than Congress…”

Special Thanks to Deb for her design work and Ed for working with the vendor to get us the new logo.

Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Lydon