Minutes 2013 June 1

BMW Riders of Southern Maine June Meeting Minutes

With 37 members in attendance, President Tom Gerken brought the meeting to order for June 1, 2013.

Upcoming Rally’s

  • June – RA in a couple of weeks in North Carolina
  • July – MOA in Oregon

Secretary’s Report

  • Copies of last month’s minutes for May were distributed to the membership.
  • Motion by Don Kent, seconded by Phil Jones to accept the minutes, approved by the membership.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Account balances were announced.


BMWRSM Membership Report

  • Current membership is up by two since last month.


Rally Report

The Rally Meister reported the following;

  • There were 186 attendees, (193 registered).
  • NET income was down from last year.
  • BMWRSM received credit from last year’s rally from Hermit Island
    • Complaints
      • Toasters
      • Cold coffee
      • To resolve the above issues, Dave proposed purchasing two new toasters to replace what the club now owns. A commercial duty toaster is $130.00. To guarantee hot coffee a 100 cup water boiler with adjustable thermostat will be purchased. Price unknown at press time.
      • Proposals for next year;
        • Fee for members not camping
        • ½ price fee for children (free for kids under 14)

Congrats to Dave for a Rally well done!

Tom read a Thank you note from the Phippsburg Volunteer Fire & Rescue for the donation of $500.00. He also thanked the many club members who helped out during the rally.

Ride Boss

  • Paul was unable to attend, however members are encouraged to watch the web site for the updated ice cream ride schedule or to check the forum to set up rides.

Old Business

  • Monthly Club Meeting locations;
    • July 6 – Pepper Mill, Limerick
    • August 3 – Joseph’s, Old Orchard Beach
    • September 7 – Tentative: Fair Grounds Café, Topsham Fair Mall, Topsham


New Business

  • It was suggested the club look into alternative locations to hold our monthly meetings.
    • Pro’s and Con’s {and they are not in any particular order}
      • With the change in décor, the room is not as functional as in the past.
      • A different location might increase attendance.
      • Price point is a concern.
      • Need a separate room to hold 60 people
      • Cost of current location.
      • Monthly meeting location has been the same for years; people know where we are the first Saturday of the month.
      • Summer meetings are at different locations
      • If we move to a different location, we may not get back into current place.
      • Please email Tom with suggestions for alternative locations to hold our monthly meetings or bring your ideas to the next monthly meeting. (Please note location of next meeting)
  •  A suggestion was made regarding whether the club wanted to invest in purchasing 3” embroidered patches with the BMWRSM logo. After some discussion, a motion was brought forward [by Sandy and seconded by Howard] to have the club purchase embroidered patches, where each member gets 1 patch (additional patches can be purchased for a price to be determined). Membership voted in favor.
  • Tom held out a Thank you letter from the Good Shepard Food Bank for the Club’s donation of $100.00


Motion to Adjourn

  • A motion to adjourn was made by Sandy, seconded by Leah.


Until Next Time, Respectfully submitted

Sandy Peabody