Minutes 2013 November 2

With 28 members in attendance, President Tom Gerken brought the meeting to order for November 2, 2013.


  • December’s meeting will be held at the Fair Grounds Café, Topsham Fair Mall, Topsham
  • Please bring your donation(s) of coats and toys to the December meeting, (donations last year were down from previous years)
  • Following the December meeting the delivery ride of coats and toys for kids will leave Topsham and meet up at Starbucks in Northgate shopping Plaza in Portland prior to the drop off at Pratt-Abbott.
  • Volunteers are needed to fill vacant officer positions in the BMWRSM club.
  • MOA Mileage contest for 2013 ended October 13. Documentation to MOA must be postmarked no later than November 13, 2013
  • 2014 International MOA Rally – July 24-27, 2014 – St. Paul, Minnesota
  • The 42nd International BMW RA Rally – May 29th – 31st – Barber Motorsports and Museum, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • The Annual BMWRSM holiday gathering will be in January (the weekend before the Super Bowl) mark your calendars now, location to be announced at the December meeting.

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from October’s meeting are on the web site, copies were distributed. No corrections or additions. Motion by Steve, seconded by Jim to accept, approved by the membership.

BMWRSM Membership Report

  • Current membership is at 82 members.
  • Members may renew their membership for 2014.
  • See Bob to renew your membership, receive your new patch, purchase additional patches or decals.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tim did not attend today’s meeting.

Rally Report

  • Dave reports there will be one. The preparation process begins next month, see Dave if you would like to lend a hand and volunteer.
  • Additional help will be needed next year for “slice and dice” Thursday. Sandy B will no longer be purchasing for the rally and volunteers will be needed to haul the goods from Sam’s (?) to the prep site and then on to the rally.

Old Business

  • Monthly Club Meeting location – Tom stated there has been a lot of positive feedback to holding meetings at the Fair Grounds Café. He also had spoken with Cole Farms earlier in the week, shared the concerns of the tavern seating, the possibility of holding meetings there on alternate months or depending on the membership a permanent move. Cole Farms said the door was open to return.


  • Could a meeting location be determined by using the membership list for a centralized location? Geographical mapping, using zip codes.
  • What is the head count at each meeting? Has it changed (taking out seasonal factors).
  • How will Coats & Toys for Kids delivery be affected, how will we notify the Soviet Steeds?
  • Real chairs, real food.
  • Wait until April-May to check and compare attendance.
  • Stay put until December
  • Bob and Tom are formulating a survey to go out to the membership. Bob has been investigating other club websites and hopes to have the survey out to the membership with the results by February. (see October’s minutes)
  • Tom has only heard from one member who is unable to attend meetings at the café’.

New Business

  • Election of Officers at the December Meeting; Tom asked for volunteers to help, those who have participated in the past and for new members to step forward and help. The following have volunteered to continue for another year;
    • Tom Gerkin – President
      • Don Kent recognized and Thanked Tom for his work this year as President.
      • Sandy Peabody – Secretary
      • Shawn Blair – Webmaster
      • Bob Griffin – Membership
      • Dave ( 1 more year) Esklund – Rally Master
      • Steve (in all my years have not held this position) Garrett – Ride Boss
        • Steve asks for the membership to email him rsixfive@gmail.com with ideas for contest rides i.e.; historical locations, post office rides (who knew there are 317?), small town & village, etc.
        • Steve (in all my years have not held this position either) Garrett – Safety officer
  •  Open positions:
    • Vice President – vacant
    • Treasurer – (Tim will be stepping down in January) Responsibilities include filing the necessary documentation and tax forms for a non-profit organization
    • At Large – (need to fill)

Motion to Adjourn

  • A motion to adjourn was made by Jim, seconded by Steve.


Until Next Time, Respectfully submitted

Sandy Peabody