Minutes 2013 October 5

BMW Riders of Southern Maine October Meeting Minutes

With 23 members in attendance, President Tom Gerken brought the meeting to order for October 5, 2013.


  • November’s meeting will be held at the Fair Grounds Café, Topsham Fair Mall, Topsham
  • November is election month, BMWRSM need volunteers to fill open positions. (Currently vacant – Vice President, Ride Boss, Safety Officer)
  • Coats and Toys for Kids donation for the December. We will begin collecting your donation(s) at the November meeting
  • Looking for riding gear? Check out http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/
  • Thanks to Kenny & Don for sharing their slide show of their July 2013 Newfoundland & Labrador Adventure

Tom apologized for the short notice for the weekend at Tom Raynor’s in Southwest Harbor. Next year he will give more advance notice.

Secretary’s Report

  • June’s minutes are on the web site.
  • No formal minutes were recorded during the meetings for July; August & September and no official business or votes were taken

Treasurer’s Report

  • Account balances were announced.

BMWRSM Membership Report

  • Current membership is 82 paid members.

Rally Report

    The Rally Meister was not in attendance

Rider Safety

  • Deer collision statistics from State Farm
    • #1 – West Virginia – 1 in 44 collide with a deer
    • #2 – Montana
    • #3 – Iowa
    • #4 – Pennsylvania
    • Locally, it is bird season, be on the lookout for those low flying turkey’s

Ride Boss

  • Tom inquired about if there is a need for a ride boss? Should the Facebook page be ramped up? Do rides need to be formal or informal?


– Some members are into group rides, some not.
– Maybe we don’t need a formal position. Just need someone to coordinate.
– Find trips people want to do.
– With people worried about calories, is there less interest in ice cream rides?

Old Business

  • The patches are in! And they look GREAT! A special shout out to Rachel for her hard work in designing our logo
    • 1 patch to individual membership
    • 2 patches for family membership
    • Additional patches can be purchased at cost.


It was determined the cost of additional patches will be $2.00. So moved by; Jim, seconded by Joe, and approved by the membership.

New Business

  • Monthly Club Meeting location;
    • For November 2 – Fair Grounds Café, Topsham Fair Mall, Topsham

Members will be surveyed to determine the following;

  1. Move meetings to the Fair Grounds Café Topsham
  2. Hold meetings at Cole Farms
  3. Hold meetings at neither location
  4. Hold meetings at an alternate location


– Topsham Works
– Terrific (ordering off menu)
– Close
– Need to consult wider membership


  • Communication

How do we communicate with the membership for the best results and increase membership?

Would different form(s) of communication (newsletter, e-newsletter, post card reminder, hard copy) increase membership and participation?


– Comparisons were made with two high membership clubs.
– Nobody volunteers because there is no interest
– There have been previous efforts; younger members are busy with work.
– Web site use to be a big draw with the marketplace, minutes, calendar and schedule of events.
– Have the club sponsor another end of season activity where members attend for free (i.e.; camping) using club funds. Design a survey to get the membership’s input.
– Keep things small

Motion to Adjourn

  • A motion to adjourn was made by Bob, seconded by Jim.


Until Next Time, Respectfully submitted

Sandy Peabody