Minutes 2017 September 9

BMW Riders of Southern Maine September 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Mae’s Café & Bakery

Bath, Maine

Fred Burgess brought the meeting to order at about 9. A combination of excellent riding weather and competition from the Green Mountain Rally may have contributed to a very low turnout: seven people in all.

Fred announced the October breakfast meeting (Oct. 7) will start at Moody’s Diner on Route 1 in Waldoboro before moving to a barn full of vintage bikes belonging to Charlie Vincent in nearby Warren. Charlie competed in the International Six Days Trial on the Isle of Man (now the International Six Days Enduro) as well as road races during the 1960s. More details about October’s meeting to follow.

Treasurer’s report: None

Secretary’s report: None

Club website: Vice president Ted Danforth has been looking into the possibility of using software called Wild Apricot to streamline the club’s website, as well as improve membership and financial record-keeping. Ted will meet with Shawn Blair, the club’s webmaster, later in September to discuss it, along with other options for freshening the website without subscribing to Wild Apricot. Member comments on the current website would probably be helpful to both Shawn and Ted.

Club directory: The club’s “Red Book,” which includes contact information for all club members, will be going out in the mail in the next week or so, Scott Gibson reported.

RA membership: Fred recounted his difficulties for getting reimbursed for a double payment to the BMW RA earlier this year, prompting him to ask whether the club should continue to pay for a club charter. The consensus was that the membership fee is so low ($15 a year) that it makes sense for the club to maintain its charter. No vote was taken.

The meeting adjourned about 10.

In Sandy Peabody’s temporary absence,
Respectfully submitted,
Scott Gibson