Minutes 2013 February 5

BMW Riders of Southern Maine February Meeting Minutes

With 13 members in attendance Vice-President Tom Gerkin brought the meeting to order for the February 5, 2013.


  • See Bob Griffin to renew your membership or go on line to BMWRSM and renew with PayPal.
  • The Rally registration is open, go to BMWRSM to register.
  • Sign up to volunteer for the Rally. See/contact Dave Eskelund to help out, don’t be shy, there is a lot of stuff to do.

Secretary’s Report

  • Copies of December & January’s minutes were handed out.
  • Correction to January’s minutes – The MOA rally is in Salem, Oregon.
  • Paul Kennedy motioned to accept January’s minutes seconded by Joe Saunders.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer was not in attendance

BMWRSM Rally Report


  • Perry spoke about the items to be ordered for this year’s rally; the traditional baseball style rally hat and pins. (RSM will not be offering T-shirts this year). Cotton has gone up in price recently; RSM in the future may want to purchase shirts with polyester to lower the cost. The order for these items has to be made by the end of February.
  • Ed Perry suggested offering a fleece watch cap to sell for the rally. Our logo or a patch could be sewn onto the hat.
  • Discussion: good for cold weather, one size fits all, may not be a big seller at the rally if it is warm, could be offered for sale through the club store. Perry will look into the cost of the hats.

Old Business

  • Tom Gerken discussed the open officer seats still remaining. At which point he offered to serve as the club’s President with the caveat that he would like help from prior officers and members. A motion and vote was taken (see below). After the vote, Tom thanked the membership for the vote of support; he looks for guidance, wants to learn about the history of the club and is open to suggestions to keep the club moving forward.
  • Motion to accept Tom Gerken for Club President made by Howard Feller seconded by Joe Saunders, vote by the membership present, unanimous.

The club officers;
President – Tom Gerkin
Membership – Bob Griffin
Vice President – vacant
Web Master – Shawn Blair
Treasurer – Tim Sheehan
At Large – Jim Salisbury
Secretary – Sandy Peabody
At Large- Don Kent

Rally Chair – Dave Eskelund

The following positions still vacant;

  • Vice President
  • Road Boss
  • Safety officer
  • The position of Road Boss may be filled at the March meeting.

New Business

  • WHEREAS James Salisbury has, for many years, served the BMW Riders of Southern Maine in various capacities including, but not limited to several terms as president, be it known that the club, hereby, formally recognizes and thanks Jim for his faithful and continuous service.
  • Cabin fever reliever – the winter swap meet –watch for information in your email – you do not need to be a club member to attend. Watch your inbox for an email.
  • Tom Gerken proposed the club sponsor more organized riding season activities.

Discussion: There is a seasonal campsite near Bethel offering plenty of campsites and the area offers good highway and off road riding. There are many activities for families; hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc. The Bethel Inn is close by for non-campers. It was suggested, the club may be able to subsidize some of the cost depending on the amount of money in the treasury. Issues of the past; hard to get people to commit and no ride boss to organize rides.

Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was made by Howard Feller and seconded by Joe Saunders.

Respectfully submitted
Sandy Peabody