There is still a good amount of work necessary to bring the new platform to readiness for live publication.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on some modifications and updates to improve the usability for visitors and on the backend, the administration.  As I research updates and work on some of my PHP programming skills, I’m learning of more potential features we could use on the site.

For our initial launch, I think we have most of the ‘features’ we’d need to provide members and visitors with an engaging site.  The calendar can be available to our leaders for updates and is published both on the sidebar of the site and on its own page.  To keep everybody updated and aware of our Forums, we have the RSS (Really Simple Sindication) feed on the side bar as well.  This will show people when something new has been posted to the Forums.  In addition, the new version of the photo gallery is live and can be inserted throughout the site.  This also offers the ability for the visitor to click on a photo and be taken directly to the Gallery site.

Some of the items remaining include a drop down menu for all the sub-pages of information on the site.  I’m not usually a fan of “dynamic” menus and prefer sub-menus on the pages instead.  But, this would be more difficult to do on WordPress.  I really don’t want to do too much customization on the site because that would make updates more difficult and expensive.  So, I’ve been looking at simple module modification to provide drop down menus for sub-pages to our main menu items.  I may have to resort to a plug-in, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

The last thing left to do, at this point, to have the site ready is to create a few graphics for the header and maybe the background.  I have created a temporary header with black as the background and blue and white for lettering.  The background of the blog itself is black.  My focus has been to give the site a sense of the BMW Roundel in our color scheme.  Before I can create or have created, more graphics, I need lots of great, high quality shots of our motorcycles.

I’ll keep you posted here of my progress.