Well, after several months and a whole lot of hours, I am now releasing the new BMWRSM site to Live status. If you’re reading this post, then you’re on the new Live site on BMWRSM.org. Feel free to browse the site and send any feedback (or comment here) on the new site. Note that at this point, not everything from the old site will be found here. There are a few things, like archived minutes and newsletters, that still have to be loaded up. Other more date sensitive pages, like product reviews, won’t be moved to the new site.

The new site has gone through a lot of discussion, testing, building, and review since we started conceptualizing it. We choose WordPress as our platform to provide an easier to use and maintain system that non-technical members could participate in. The presentation is a theme that met many of the requirements of the club and went through a fair amount of customization. A number of additional features have been added by using plugins, a common feature in the wordpress application.

So, you can now see that the new site has an easy menu navigation, and a home page with a lot of information that visitors would be looking for without clicking through a lot of pages. The new format has also allowed us to integrate other BMW RSM resources like the forums, the photo gallery, twitter, and our BMWRSM Facebook page. The latest posts from the forums and gallery will display in the right column of the pages. Just click on a title to move directly to the topic.

There’s a lot more throughout the site for you to browse. Rather than going on and on, I’ll let you wander through the site and get used to the new format.

Enjoy! Be sure to come back regularly for the latest news, and also be sure to visit the BMWRSM Forums and Photo Gallery.