Another Great Weekend at Lamoine State Park

Another Great Weekend at Lamoine State Park

Another great weekend at Lamoine SP! I'm happy we stayed Saturday. Yep, it was soupy Sunday morning but by the time we got to Orland after stopping at Sarah's Diner for the obligatory "Lamoine Weekend Breakfast" in Ellsworth, we were seeing sun breaking. A stop at the Circle K on Rt. 3 in Belfast to shed layers and the ride home was in warm sun.

Saturday's ride for Thom, his son-in-law Henry, Eamon and I was great! Dirt roads and blueberry fields forever (and an abandoned USAF Backscatter Radar outpost)followed by lunch at the Airline Brewery.

Eamon Planning The Ride

Mmmm . . . Wild Blueberries!

The Barrens In Washington County

Only a sprinkle or two as the rain didn't start in earnest until we were well seated around the wood stove in the pavilion passing around stories and some whiskey.

Dinner prep was highlighted by an impromptu dance party with everyone picking songs - Kathy, Wendy, Adam, Will and his wife Denise, Dan Sherman and me.

Time To Dance!

The wood-fired kitchen stove provided all the warmth we needed until it was time to repair for the night. Even our fearless leader and weary traveler Bob stopped by for a visit.

Special thanks to Denise and Will for schlepping the trash and returnables in their car!
Not everyone stayed Saturday night but you all missed another great time! Looking forward to next year.