Dolly Copp Campout

Dolly Copp Campout

The Riders of Southern Maine gathered at the Dolly Copp Campground for the weekend of July 14-16.  Lovely campground, quiet and secluded sites. Located off Rte 16 just south of Gorham, NH in the heart of the White Mountains. Several members showed up Friday afternoon.

Met john from Ontario in an adjacent site who was quite happy to join the fun. Riding a Goldwing and pulling a small trailer that was like a magician's carpet bag, as a very large tent appeared out of it with all the conveniences inside. Couldn't join our Saturday ride, though there was some talk of deflating his tires to delay him. 

Decent ride on Saturday took us over Jefferson Notch, and then...I was completely lost.

Several narrow dirt roads later we popped out on Rte 16 again, stopped across from Franconia Airport, and were entertained by gliders taking off and landing. We were taking bets on whether the tow line would snag the fence on landing. Judging by the number of new planks it wasn't a far fetched bet.

Stopped for lunch at a food truck, just south of Thornton. Got back to the camp ground around 5. Forecast was dire and a few sensible souls packed up and left that evening. 

The rest of us had a pleasant evening around the fire and solved all the problems in the world.

Saturday night some one turned on a fire hydrant, floor of the tent got wet. There was a brief respite around 5 and there was some pretty hasty packing before the rain started again. Ride home was very wet.

Still an enjoyable weekend in a beautiful part of the country.