Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route Movie

Mid-Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route Movie

A great night at the Frontier Café in Brunswick last Thursday evening! We had about 40 attend the showing of the movie – some members of the club and some not. The venue was great! Great variety of beer on tap and those who started or ended the evening with dinner were not disappointed.

The Backcountry Discovery Route series are pre-mapped routes geared largely to the adventure bike riders and take you off the beaten path, kind of forcing immersion in the local history and culture. In the case of the Mid-Atlantic version, the route runs from Virginia to New York, 1080 miles winding through rolling terrain, woods and farmland indicative to the area. Mostly dirt and gravel, the route seems manageable by those with minimal experience on the adventure circuit, with a few challenges thrown in.

If you haven’t had the opportunity, check out the Trailer on the route. It is certain to whet your appetite for a little off-road adventure. From the BDR website:

“MABDR is a scenic ride for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles that uses dirt, gravel and paved roads to wind through remote parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Starting in Damascus, Virginia, and ending in Lawrenceville, Tiogoa County, PA, this 1,080 mile route, primarily uses forest roads and rural county lanes, to lead riders through the Appalachian mountains, majestic forests, bucolic farming landscapes, Amish country, and locations that played pivotal roles in early American history.”

All in all, a great night to kick back, beer in hand and enjoy what we all hope is coming in a few months when the weather breaks (it will break eventually). I for one loved the venue and hope to plan another night or 2 there next winter – chasing away the cold weather blues.

A special Thanks to Street Cycles for sponsoring the event. As a result of the sponsorship, ink on the event balance sheet changed from red to black. Thank you Duane and Ian! Please remember Street when you drag the machine out of storage for the season of riding!

Please give us your feedback on the event. Let us know if we should plan another, similar event.