Well, another rally is in the books

Well, another rally is in the books

Hello, one and all.

Well another rally is in the books.

I would like to take a moment out to thank Bob Collin, the rally chair this year, for all his efforts and going the extra mile as he does so often in so many ways. Thank you Bob.

A big shout out to our 2022 sponsors, listed below, who stepped up and provided us with gifts & door prizes for this year’s rally. Please take a moment to check out their respective business and make use of their services whenever you can. Pass the word sharing the love as situations allow.

Thanks again to all that make this whole thing work. Guests & riders from all over.

Respectfully, Jeffrey Berry

RSM 2022 Sponsors

AeroStitch (https://www.aerostich.com/)
BMW MOA (https://www.bmwmoa.org/)
Brown Chiropractic (https://www.brownchiropractic.net/)
Butler Maps (https://butlermaps.com/)
Cookville CampGround (https://www.motorcycle-vermont.com/cookville-campground)
Hermit Island Campground (https://hermitisland.com/)
Phoenix Cycle Shop (https://www.phoenixcycleshop.com/)
Street Cycles (https://www.streetcycles.com/)
TouraTech-USA (https://touratech-usa.com/)